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New Game

Fun Summer Fashions Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Game of Thrones Style Dressup -  Drag & Drop


Aurora's Fantasy Dressup -  Flash

Medieval Warrior Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Pinterest Spring Summer Dressup Game

Pinterest Spring & Summer Fashions -  Drag & Drop

Monster High Style -  Drag & Drop

The Oscars Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Easter Day Dressup

Easter Day Dressup -  Drag & Drop


St. Patrick's Day Dressup Game - Flash

Gypsy Girl Dressup  - Flash

Once Upon a Time Dressup Game

Fun Fashions Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

Fun Fashions Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

Steampunk Style Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

My Little Pony Style Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

Halloween Costume Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Gypsy Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Celebrity Nicki Dressup 2 -  Drag & Drop

Celebrity Nicki Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Mythical / Gargoyle Dressup -  Drag & Drop


W.I.T.C.H. Style -  Drag & Drop

Celebrity Dressup Game 3 -  Drag & Drop

Fairy  Dressup Game 3 -  Drag & Drop

ChaZie Winx Style Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

ChaZie Idol Style -Flash Version

Mermaid Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

ChaZie's the Idol Maker Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

ChaZie Princess/Fairytale Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

Cherry Doll Dressup Games - Dollz ManiaCherry Doll Dressup Game

Cherry Doll Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

Holiday Dressup Game - flash

ChaZie's Holiday Dressup - Flash Version

ChaZie's Closet Dressup Games

ChaZie's Closet Dressup Game 5 - Flash

Holiday Dressup GamesHoliday Dressup Games

ChaZie's Holiday Dressup 3   Drag & Drop


ChaZies Closet 4 Dressup Game

ChaZie's Closet Dressup 4   Drag & Drop

ChaZies Closet Dressup Game 3ChaZies Closet Dressup Game 3

ChaZie's Closet Dressup 3   Drag & Drop

ChaZie's Closet 2 Dressup GameChaZie's Closet DollmakerDressup Games

ChaZie's Closet Dressup 2   Drag & Drop

Masquerade Ball Dressup Game

Masquerade Ball Dressup  Drag & Drop

 TV Favorites Dressup 3 -Flash Version

TV Favorites Dressup One Tree Hill-Style  Drag & Drop

TV favorites Dressup 2 - Greek

TV Favorites Dressup 2 -Flash Version

TV Favorites Dressup -GREEK-Style  Drag & Drop

TV Favorites Dressup Games - Betty Style

TV Favorites -Flash Version

TV Favorites Dressup - Ugly Betty- Drag & Drop

House Dressup Game

TV Favorites Dressup - House / Grey's Anatomy Style - Drag & Drop

Doctor Dressup -Flash

ChaZie's Fairytale Dressup  - Flash Version

ChaZie's Show Girl Dressup  -Flash Version

Dollz Mania Fairytale Dressup Game - Tinkerbelle

ChaZie's Fairytale Dressup  - Drag & Drop Version

Dollz Mania Show Girl Dressup

ChaZie's Show Girl Dressup  - Drag & Drop Version

Beauty Shop2 Dressup Game

ChaZie's Beauty Salon 2 Dressup  - Drag & Drop Version

Pink Ice Vintage Dressup - Flash Selina Dressup Game Selina Dressup Game 2

3 New Flash Games

Pink Ice 1800's Dressup Game

1800's Dressup Game Featuring Pink Ice- Drag & Drop Version

Celebrity  Dressup - Drag & Drop Version
Brittney Spears, Lady Gaga, Riianna, & Katy Perry

Celebrity Sinnger Dressup - Drag & Drop Version
Eminem, Usher & Justin Bieber

Kentucky Derby Dressup - Drag & Drop Version

Royal Couple Dressup Game

 Royal Couple Dressup - Flash Version

 Royal Couple Dressup - Drag & Drop Version

 Geisha Girl Dressup - Drag & Drop Version

 Geisha Girl Dressup - Flash

 Shuni / Unique Dressup Game 11

 Shuni / Unique Dressup Game

Palace Doll Dress up Games


  ChaZie's Fashion Fun 3 - Flash Version

Dollz Mania Dressup Games

ChaZie's Fashion Fun 2  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version

ChaZie's Fashion Fun 1  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version

Valentine's Day Couple Dressup Game

Valentine's Day Couple Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version

Big Hair Dressup GameBig Hair Dressup Game

ChaZie's Big Hair  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version

ChaZie's Winter Fantasy  Dressup -  Flash  Version

ChaZie's Winter Fantasy Fun DressupChaZie's Winter Fantasy Fun Dressup

ChaZie's Winter Fantasy Fun  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version

Holiday  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version

\Glee Dressup Game

Glee Style Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version

Kardashian Style Dressup Game

Kardashian Style  Dressup -  Flash  Version

Dressup Kardashian Style -  Drag & Drop Version

ChaZie's Closet  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version


Halloween Costume Fun Dressup Game   

Halloween Dressup Game 3

 ChaZie's Halloween Dressup 3  Drag & Drop Version

  ChaZie's Beauty Salon Dollmaker

  Twilight Eclipse Dressup Game     

  Demi Lavato Dressup Game    Selena Gomez Style Dressup Game 

        Winter Fairy Princess Dressup 

 ChaZie Mafia War Style - Flash Version    


  Valentine's Doll Day Dressup - Drag & Drop

      Vampire Diaries Dressup Game 


 The dolls above were made with our newest Dressup Games and Dollmakers

Dollmakers and Dressup Games

ChaZie Dressup Game 1

ChaZie Dressup 1

ChaZie Dressup Dollmaker 2

ChaZie Dressup 2

ChaZie Dressup Game 3

ChaZie Dressup 3

ChaZie Dressup Game 4

ChaZie Dressup 4

ChaZie Dressup Dollmaker 5

ChaZie Dressup 5

ChaZie Dollmaker 6

ChaZie Dressup 6

ChaZie Baby Sitter Dressup

Babysitter Dressup

ChaZie Vintage Dollmaker 1

Vintage 40s, 50s & 60s

ChaZie Vintage 70s and 80s

Vintage 70s & 80s

ChaZie Fairy & Elf Dressup Game

Fairy & Elf Dressup

Fantasy Dollmaker 1

ChaZie Fantasy Dollmaker 2

Fantasy Dollmaker 2

ChaZie Formal Dressup Game

ChaZie Prom Dressup

ChaZie World Dollmaker

World Dollmaker

ChaZie Bratz Style Dressup Game

Bratz Style 1

ChaZie Bratz Style 2

Bratz Style 2

ChaZie Flash Dressup

ChaZie Spring Dressup 1

Spring Dressup1

ChaZie Spring Dressup 2

Spring Dressup 2

Twilight Dressup Game

Twilight Dressup

ChaZie Couples Dressup

ChaZie Couples 1

ChaZie Couples 2

ChaZie Couples 3 Dollmaker

ChaZie Couples 3

ChaZie Naruto Dollmaker

Naruto Dressup

ChaZie Easter Dressup

ChaZie Easter

Chazie St. Patricks Day Dollmaker

St. Patrick's Day

ChaZie Holiday Dollmaker 1

Holiday Dressup 1

ChaZie Couple Holiday Dressup 2

Holiday Dressup 2

ChaZie Halloween Dressup

Halloween Dressup 1

ChaZie Valentines Day Dollmaker

Valentine's Day

ChaZie St Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day 2

Degrassi Dressup Game

Degrassi Dressup

Bratz 3 Dressup

Harry Potter

Hip Hop Dressup

Fantasy 2 Dressup

ChaZie Fashion

Katy Perry  Style

Sweet Treat

Halloween Dressup

New Moon

Pink Ice Fantasy 3

ChaZie Halloween 2

Pink Ice Fantasy 4

Pink Ice Fantasy 5

gossip girl



More Dollz Mania Dressup Games

Brylee Dressup Game 1

Brylee Dressup 1

Brylee Dressup Game 2

Brylee Dress up 2

Brylee Fantasy Dressup

Brylee Fantasy

Devyn and Madison Dressup

Devyn & Madison

Devyn Madison Halloween Dollmaker

Halloween  2

Disney Dressup 1

Disney Dressup 1

Disney Dressup 2

Disney Dressup 2

Total Drama Island Dressup Game

Total Drama Island

Innocentz Dressup 1

Innocentz Dressup 1

Innocentz 2 Dressup Game

Innocentz Dressup 2

Innocentz Dresssup Game 3

Innocentz Dressup 3

Innocentz Flash Dressup Game

Innocentz Flash

Samantha Dressup Game

Samantha Dress up

High school Musical 2

High School Musical 2

Dolls with Pets Dressup Game

Dolls with Pets

Starlie Dressup Game 1

Starlie Dressup 1

Starlie Nature Elements Dressup Game

Starlie Nature Dressup

Starlie Emo Punk Dressup

Starlie Emo Punk

Starlie Holiday Dressup

Starlie Holiday

Patientz Fantasy Dressup Game

Patientz Fantasy

Patientz Mermaid Dressup Game

Patientz Mermaid

Celebrity Star Doll Dressup Game

Celebrity Dressup 1

Celebrity Star Doll Dressup Game 2

Celebrity Dressup 2

Celebrity Stardoll Dressup Game

Celebrity Dressup 3

Pink Ice Dressup Game

Pink Ice Dressup 1

Pink Ice Dressup Game 2

Pink Ice Dressup 2

Pink Ice Winter Fantasy Dollmaker

Pink Ice Winter Fantasy

Vintage Barbie Dressup Game

Vintage Barbie Dressup

Vintage Barbie Flash Dressup Game

Vintage Barbie
Flash Dressup

Vintage Barbie Dressup Game 3

Vintage Barbie
Flash Dressup 2

Barbie Summer Fun Dressup

Barbie Summer Fun

Betsey Johnson Style Dressup Game

Betsey Johnson
Style Dressup

Fashion Model Dressup Game 1

Fashion Model 1

Fashion Model 2 Dressup

Fashion Model 2

Spritekins Dressup Game

Spritekins Dressup

Spritekins Flash Dressup Game 1

Spritekins Flash 1

Spritekins Flash Dressup Game 2

Spritekins Flash 2

Spritekins Dressup Game 3

Spritekins Flash 3

Anime Dressup Game

Anime Dressup


High School Musical 2 Dressup

High School Musical

Jaylen Dressup Game 1

Jaylen Dressup 1

Jaylen Sports Dressup

Jaylen Sports

Jaylen Winter Fall Dressup

Winter Fall Dress up

Nick and Jaylen Dressup

Nick & Jaylen

Naruto Dressup Game

Naruto Dressup

Jaylen Fantasy with Pets Dressup Game

Fantasy With Pets

Stormy Gothic Dressup

Stormy Dressup 1

Stormy Gothic Dressup Game 2

Stormy Dressup 2

Stormy Gothic Dressup Game 3

Stormy Dressup 3




Korean Dressup Games and Dollmakers


Palace Dollmakers, Dressup Games and Decorating Games


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