Dollz Mania Dollmakers & Dressup Games

These dressup games and dollmakers were made using Dollz Mania base dolls. Please do not take the bases or the props to use on your site.

The Doll Categories are listed below.

Newest Dollmakers

  Dressup Game Quick Jump Menu


Newest Additions!

Glee Dressup Game

Glee Style Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version

Kardashian Style Dressup Game

Kardashian Style  Dressup -  Flash  Version

Dressup Kardashian Style -  Drag & Drop Version

ChaZie's Closet  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version

 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Style Dressup - 
Drag & Drop Version

 ChaZie's Mega Halloween Dressup - 
Drag & Drop Version

Halloween Costume Fun

 ChaZie's Halloween Dressup Game & Wallpaper Maker

 ChaZie's Halloween Dressup Game & Wallpaper Maker

 ChaZie's Halloween Dressup 3  Drag & Drop Version

ChaZie's Beauty Salon Dressup Game

 ChaZie's Beauty Salon  Flash  & Wallpaper Maker

 ChaZie's Beauty Salon  Drag & Drop Version

Twilight Eclipse Style Flash & Wallpaper Maker

Twilight Eclipse Dressup Game

Twilight Eclipse Style  Drag & Drop Dressup

Renaissance Princess Dressup

  Renaissance Princess Dressup Game 

Lady Gaga Dressup 2

  Lady Gaga Dressup 2 Style Flash  &
Wallpaper Maker

 Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana Flash & Wallpaper Dressup

Christina Aguilera & Fergie Dressup

Christina Aguilera & Fergie Style  Drag & Drop Dressup

Lady Gaga 2 Dressup Game

 Lady Gaga 2 Style  Drag & Drop Dressup

Demi Lavato Dressup Game

  Demi Lavato Style  Flash & Wallpaper Dressup

  Selena Gomez Style 2 Flash & Wallpaper Dressup

Selena Gomez Style Drag and Drop Dressup

 Selena Gomez Style  Drag & Drop Dressup

  Selena Gomez Style Flash & Wallpaper Dressup

  Wizards of Waverly Style  Drag & Drop Dressup

Wizards of Waverly Style Dolls

  ChaZie Renaissance Princess 2  Drag & Drop Dressup

  ChaZie Renaissance Princess  Drag & Drop

  ChaZie Flower Princess  Drag & Drop Dressup

  ChaZie Forest Princess  Drag & Drop Dressup

   Forest Princess Wallpaper Maker

Winter Fairy Princess Dressup

  ChaZie Winter Fairy Princess  Drag & Drop Dressup


  ChaZie Lady Gaga Style Drag & Drop Dressup

ChaZie Mafia War Style - Flash Version

  ChaZie Mafia War Style Dressup & Wallpaper

  ChaZie Alice in Wonderland Drag & Drop Dressup

Alice in Wonderland Dolls

Added 4-19-2010

ChaZie Mafia Style Dressup

  ChaZie Mafia War Drag & Drop Dressup

Added 4-18-2010

 ChaZie with Pets 4 - Drag & Drop Dressup Game

  Chazie & Pets Fantasy 2 Dressup & Wallpaper Maker

  Chazie & Pets Fantasy Dressup & Wallpaper Maker

  Fashions Around the World Dressup & Wallpaper Maker

   Little Angel Dressup & Wallpaper Maker 1

   Little Angel Dressup  & Wallpaper Maker 2

  Avatar Style Dressup - Drag & Drop

Avatar Dolls

   Stormy Gothic Dressup

ChaZie Snowfall Ball Dressup Game - Flash Version

Drag & Drop Style Dollmaker

  Christmas Bratz Style Dressup

Drag and Drop Style Dollmaker

ChaZie Holiday Dressup Game

  ChaZie Holiday Dressup

Drag & Drop Style Dollmaker

  Gossip Girl Style Dressup 2

Gossip Girl Style Dressup Game

Gossip Girl Dolls

Pink Ice Fantasy 4 Dressup Game

Pink Ice Dolls

Pink Ice Fantasy Drag & Drop Dressup Game

Twilight New Moon Dressup Game - Drag & Drop Style



    Katy Perry Style Dressup

  Pink Ice  Fantasy 2 Dressup

Hip Hop  Dressup

  Harry Potter Dressup

Bratz 3 Dressup

Degrassi Dressup Game

Added 6-13-09

Bratz Style Dressup Game 2

 Spritekins Dressup

  Jaylen - Nick Naruto Style

     St. Patricks Day Dressup

  ChaZie Bratz Style

   ChaZie Fairy Elf Dressup

  ChaZie Flash Dressup 1

ChaZie Naruto Dressup © Dollz Mania

Naruto Dolls with Codes

Fashion Model Dressup 2 © Dollz Mania

Fashion Dolls with Codes

  Jaylen Winter - Fall Dressup

Jaylen Winter - Fall Dolls

  Pink Ice Winter Fantasy Dressup

Pink Ice Dolls with Codes


  ChaZie_ Twilight Dressup

Twilight Dolls with Codes

  Disney 2  Dressup -- Added - 12-2-08

Total Drama Island © Dollz Mania

Samantha Dressup © Dollz Mania

Fashion Model Dressup © Dollz Mania

Nick & Jaylen Dressup ©Dollz Mania

  Jaylen  Dressup Game  - Updated 9-20-08

  Disney Style Dressup ©Dollz Mania Dollmaker 

Disney Doll Codes

ChaZie Couples Dressup 3ChaZie Couples Dressup Doll

   ChaZie Couples Dressup 3

Jaylen Sports Dressup - Ice SkatingJaylen Dressup Game - BoxingSports dressup Game
  Jaylen - Sports Doll Maker

Dollz Mania Chazie Babysitter DressupDollz Mania Chazie Babysitter DressupDollz Mania Chazie Babysitter Dressup

 ChaZie Babysitter  - Added 8-07-08

Fantasy Dolls with Pets Dressup Game DollsFantasy Dolls with Pets Dollmaker Doll

  Fantasy Dolls With Pets  

Dollz Mania Pink Ice Dressup Game DollsDollz Mania Pink Ice Dollmaker Dollz

Pink Ice Dollmaker  with codes

High School Musical Dressup DollsHigh School Musical Dressup Game DollsHigh School Musical Dollmaker Dollz

 High School Musical Dressup  - Added 7-22-08


Doll Categories

Please click on the name or picture to select the dollmakers menu for the base you would like to use.   The newest Dollmakers are at the bottom.

ChaZie Dollmakers

Couples Dollmakers

Stormy Dollmakers

Brylee Dollmakers

Devyn - Madison Dollmakers

High School Musical2

Innocentz Dollmakers

Starlie Dollmakers

Starlie Nature

Patientz Fantasy

Patientz Mermaid

Celebrity 1

Celebrity 2


Cherry Doll Dollmakers

Halloween 1

Halloween 2

Holiday Maker

or  Holiday Maker2

40's, 50's & 60's Vintage Dollmaker

Dolls with Pets

Anime Dollmaker


Pink Ice Dollmaker

    Pink Ice w/Codes

Vintage Barbie Maker


Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus Dressup

Summer Fun Dressup

 Betsey Johnson Style Dressup

  Jaylen  Dressup Game

  Fantasy Dolls with Pets

ChaZie Babysitter Dressup

  ChaZie Babysitter

Jaylen Sports Dressup Game

   Jaylen - Sports Doll Maker

ChaZie Couples Dressup 3

   ChaZie Couples Dressup 3

Innocentz 3

  Disney Dressup

Nick & Jaylen


Fashion Model

  Disney 2  Dressup

  ChaZie_ Twilight

Pink Ice Winter-Fantasy

  Jaylen- Winter-Fall

Fashion Model 2

Naruto - ChaZie

ChaZie Valentine

ChaZie Bratz Style

ChaZie Fairy & Elf

St. Patricks Dressup


 ChaZie Easter

  Spritekins Dressup

 Degrassi Dressup

 Bratz Dressup 2

Harry Potter Dressup

Hip Hop Dressup

 Fantasy 2 Dressup

 Katy Perry


 Fantasy 3 Dressup

 Halloween 2 Dressup

 New Moon

 Sweet Treat

 ChaZie Fashion Show


 Spritekin Halloween

 Gossip Girl

   Flash Dressup Games

 Fantasy 4 Dressup

 Fantasy 5 Dressup


The Dollmakers above are the property of Dollz Mania ©. You may NOT take any base or prop to use on your own dollmakers or dress up games.