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Dollz offers the best dressup games  and dollmakers for young girls and teens on the web. Dress up, save and share dolls, create wallpaper or just play any of our thousands of  dressup games. We feature several high quality exclusive dollmakers  including many which can feature hundreds of items in one game. 

At Dollz Mania you will also find Korean Dressup GamesPalace Dollmakers, Candy DollmakersDecorating Games, fashion games, celebrity style games, cooking games, makeover games, puzzles, adventure games, arcade games and much more!

We also have a large collection of cartoon dolls, signature tags, glitter art, icons, blinkies which you may use for your blogs, websites, facebook pages or where ever you would like. We do ask that you provide a link back to our site if possible.

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Newest Dollmakers

Dressup Games

Fun Summer Fashions Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Game of Thrones Style Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Aurora's Fantasy Dressup -  Flash

Medieval Warrior Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Pinterest Spring & Summer Fashions -  Drag & Drop

Monster High Style -  Drag & Drop

The Oscars Dress up -  Drag & Drop

Gypsy Girl Dressup  - Flash

Fun Fashions Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

Fun Fashions Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

Steampunk style dressup game

Steampunk Style Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

My Little Pony Style Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

Gypsy Dressup 1 -  Drag & Drop

Celebrity Nicki Dressup 2 -  Drag & Drop

Nicki Minaj Style Dressup Game

Celebrity Nicki Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Mythical / Gargoyle Dressup -  Drag & Drop

W.I.T.C.H. Style -  Drag & Drop

Celebrity Dressup Game 3 -  Drag & Drop

Fairy Dressup Game 2Fairy Dressup Game 3

Fairy  Dressup Game 3 -  Drag & Drop

ChaZie Winx Style Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

Mermaid Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

ChaZie Idol Style -Flash Version

ChaZie's the Idol Maker Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

Princess Dressup Games

ChaZie Princess/Fairytale Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

ChaZie's Closet Dressup Games

ChaZie's Closet Dressup Game 5 - Flash

Dollz mania dressup games

ChaZie's Closet Dressup 4   Drag & Drop

ChaZies Closet Dressup Game 3

ChaZie's Closet Dressup 3   Drag & Drop

ChaZie's Closet 2 Dressup GameDressup GamesChaZie's Closet Dollmaker

ChaZie's Closet Dressup 2   Drag & Drop

Masquerade Ball Dressup Game

 Masquerade Ball Dressup  Drag & Drop

TV Favorites - House Dressup Game

TV Favorites Dressup - House / Grey's Anatomy Style - Drag & Drop

Doctor Dressup  - Flash Version


Pink Ice Vintage Dressup - Flash Selina Dressup Game Selina Dressup Game 2


  Shuni / Unique Dressup Game 11

Make a Blinkie


Dollz Mania Dressup Games


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